(unedited, directly from Dr. Minozzi's patients)

I have had my tattoo for three years now and have never liked it. It was a cover that just never took. I’ve been coming to Dr. Minozzi for about a year and I am extremely pleased with the results. The black color has faded very well and the blues and greens are beginning to fade as well.

Kevin W. from Nanuet NY

I had my tattoo for 15 years and finally decided to get it removed. Dr. Minozzi was very professional and gave me a great price. After first treatment, I noticed it started to fade. I am now on my third treatment and is going well. I travel from Britain to visit friends here and chose to come to Dr. Minozzi. I highly recommend Dr. Minozzi, his care and his professional approach.

Lindsey B. from Deeside, Flintshire, North Wales, U.K.

After having my tattoo for 11 years, I decided to have it removed. Dr. Minozzi was the first doctor I consulted and we began the removal procedure that day. Because my tattoo was more difficult to remove than most, it has taken longer to remove than most. Dr. Minozzi has stuck with the job and has not charged me more than he originally estimated. He is thorough, professional and knowledgeable and I’ll recommend him to anyone looking to have a tattoo removed, he is the best.

Rock S. from Riverside , CT

I have waited several years to have my tattoo removed after being told an outline of the tattoo would still remain. However after eight laser removal treatments with Dr. Minozzi, the results have been remarkable. The tattoo of my name is now a blur! The treatments were quick, efficient and relatively painless. I noticed a difference after the very first treatment. David Minozzi is an awesome doctor who presents as a dedicated professional who will give you the results you are looking for. I highly recommend his excellent service.

Sharon B. from Bronx, NY

My experience with Dr. Minozzi has been nothing short of wonderful. Dr. Minozzi is completely knowledgeable and carefully walks his patients through each step, making me comfortable and reassured with my decision. Having just finished my third treatment, my tattoo has almost completely faded. The results have been amazing, better than I expected.

Stacy M., White Plains, NY

After shopping around for a tattoo removal professional, Dr. Minozzi gave me the best price. Just after one treatment, I immediately saw the difference in the results. My tattoo was completely removed in five treatments. Dr. Minozzi is very kind and willing to answer all questions and addresses all concerns. He makes you feel comfortable. Towards the end of my tattoo removal, I decided to also get laser hair removal because I was pleased with Dr. Minozzi’s work.

Naomi T. from Bronx, NY

After deciding to laser remove my tattoo for the military, I found Dr. Minozzi. Since I began treatments, I’ve been beyond satisfied with my results. After only seven sessions, my tattoo is barely noticeable. With Dr. Minozzi, I’ve been accomplishing my goal of complete removal within my budget. The customer service, care and flexibility for appointments from Dr. Minozzi has been phenomenal. I plan to continue to recommend Dr. Minozzi to anyone considering laser tattoo procedure.

Kate M. from Danbury, CT

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